2019 Spring Gospel Meeting

So, how’s your life?  Are you content? Peaceful? Hopeful for the future? Saved?  Would you like to be? Would it be worth making changes to get those things?

Life has a way of wearing on a person.  It can cover them with regrets, nagging feelings of missing the good parts, torn to chase every new fade while ultimately sensing emptiness.  Some feel this way even when, by the world’s standards, they have arrived at the pinnacle of life – having collected many toys along the way.  Others are quite secure in their life position but have no answers for what may be when their last breath is drawn.

Jesus says, “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.”  To those well-off in life He counsels that He “gives grace to those that will humble themselves.” To us all He says to caste our anxiety upon him – because He cares for us.

If you are looking for forgiveness, true friendship and hope for better things to come, then this is a place for you.  All are welcome to come as they are and then open themselves to be changed and become how the Lord would have you to be.

Come visit us at the Knightsville church of Christ!


We regularly upload lessons that are presented by our local evangelist, based on the word of God. We invite you to listen to the lessons and follow along in your Bible. You will find that each sermon has several references to passages from the Holy Bible. If you are unable to access the online version of a sermon, we also offer a free CD of the lesson that we can ship to you. To view the current list of lessons we have available, click here.

The Bible

There are several electronic means by which you can access the Bible. Many versions of the Holy Scriptures are available for your convenience. You can either download the Bible app on your device or access the Bible from your Web browser. The following links are provided for your reference.

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