The following is a list of tracts available from the Truth Bookstore several of which are available at our building.  If you would like to see one of the tracts please send a request to “Tract Request”, including the tract name and your mailing address.  We’ll be happy to send you one.

Adultery Is A “Great Wickedness”

Answering Mechanical Instrumental Music Arguments Tract

Bible: Complete & Perfect Guide

Bible Authority: How Established? How Applied?

Bible Is Inspired Word of God

Bible, Medical Science, & Alcohol

But What About Thief on Cross?

Can Eternal Life Be Forfeited?

Can I Trust the New Testament

Can the Church Do What David Did?

Can We Understand Bible Alike?

Changing Image

A Child of God Can So Live As to Be Lost

Church Belonging to Christ

Church Discipline

Church of God’s Choice

Church Supported Orphan Homes

Church You Can Read About

Continuous Cleansing

Creation Account:Literal/Non-literal

Difficulties of Theory of Evolution

Discipline in the Home

Does It Make A Difference What One Believes?

Finding a Local Church While in College

The First Church

Gambling and Lotteries

Gentiles and the Law of Conscience

Give Me Thine Heart

God Hath Spoken In His Son

God or Evolution?

The History of Christmas

How to Study the Bible

If The Unbelieving Depart

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Is Abortion Sinful?

Is It Necessary to Be Baptized To Be Saved?

Is Mark 16: 15-16 Genuine Scripture?

Is Hell Eternal Punishment?

Is Book of Mormon Word of God?

Is the Church of Chirst A Denomination?

Is There a God?

It’s Time To Start Listening to God

Jehovah’s Witnesses, A False Religious Organization

Letters To Our Children

Making Your Life Right With God

Marching Feet & Sounding Trumpets

Marriage is Honorable

Masonry – A False Religion

Miraculous Divine Healing

Mormonism From God or Man?

Negative Side Positive Preach

Organization of the Church

Original Church of Christ: Then and Now

The Papacy

The Problem of Suffering


The Religion of Freemasonry

Religion of Islam

Resurrection of Jesus

Sabbath Keeping

Scriptural Worship

The Second Coming

Shall We Dance?

Shepherd Staffs

Should I Call My Preacher Reverend?

The Silence of the Scriptures

Status of Divorced Persons

Teenager’s Answer to Shall I Go Prom

Kingdom of God

Unity With Christ & Christians

Unsaved Believers

What Is Conversion?

What Is Wrong With Denominational Baptism

What One Must Do To Be Saved

What You Confess in Baptism

When the Mormons Call

Who Started the Church of Christ and When?

Why Are You Not a Christian?

Why Do People Give Up?

Why I Oppose Instrumental Music in Worship

Why I Reject Drugs & Alcohol

Why I Believe Jesus Is Son God

Why I Believe That Jesus Lived

Why I Left the Denominational Church of Christ

Why Is Modest Dress a Big Deal?

Why Is the Church Important?

The Will of Christ

Will Only Members of the Church of Christ be Saved?

Withdraw Yourselves

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