College Students

If you are a student or a parent of a student enrolling in at Indiana State University or Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, welcome to the church of Christ at Knightsville Indiana.  The church is an easy twenty minute drive from ISU and slightly closer for Rose Hulman students.  We have a number of students at both institutions and several members that live within minutes of either campus as well as some that are professors.  We are ready and willing to give students a ride to services and to help promot their faith.

Your student will be around a number of Christians among their age group as well as those with a few more years.  We have a great mix of family to provide guidance and spiritual help to your student.  While we all have unique talents and abilities, a few of the families here have a real passion for this age group and will assist in both the adjustment to campus life and, more importantly, will be very conscious of your student’s spiritual life.  College students are certianly not “lost in the crowd”, dismissed or forgotten.

Students attending Knightsville will find themselves with newfound friends and families.  Students would not be a “long term visitor” but rather an active part of the church’s life as we work together for the Lord!  We are privileged and honored to be a partner with you in continuing young adult’s spiritual development.

Why not make plans now for an introductory visit to both the campus and the church at Knightsville.  We would be honored to meet with you and be a part of your plans for college life.  If you can’t make that visit, feel free to contact us to let us know how we can serve you!

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